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Session two live blog


Click here for the live blog from the first session of the World Tenpin Masters

Each match is over two games. Players win a point for every game won.

Group 1 - Guy Caminsky 2-0 Osku Palermaa (268-213, 257-185)
Group 1 - Paeng Nepomuceno 0-2 Dom Barrett (165-213, 255-290)
Group 2 - Jason Belmonte 1-1 Wu Siu Hong (259-259 - Wu won 9th and 10th frame shoot out 40-60, 209-199)
Group 2 - Chris Barnes 1-1 Matt Chamberlain (246-248, 277-255)

10.22pm QUOTES - Chris Barnes:
"To be honest, before I came here I didn't expect that much from Matt as I'd not really come across him before.

"But he's 19, has tonnes of game, seems really cool and well level-headed and leaps and bounds ahead of where I was at his age.

"I've only seen him bowl a couple of games be he has the raw skills to be very, very good. What he learns from this experience being here will show if he becomes a good players or a great player.

"My back was against the wall and I knew I had to win my last three games to have any hope. I thought once I put more pressure on him he might go away but he didn't do that but my experience of being in those situations served me really well.

"It allowed me to win a match in this thing. I've averaged 250 and got one game win but that's what makes it such a world class event. The satisfying ones are the ones that don't come easily.

"Wu (Sui Hong, who Barnes meets tomorrow) is bowling great and hit 250 in both matches so I'm going to have to have something bigger than that in one or both games.

"But I'm playing well, getting better and getting closer to figuring out what's going on so I have high expectations."

10.10pm QUOTES - Matt Chamberlain: " I played really well, so did Chris but I struggled a little bit with the carry in between the first and second but apart from that I'm averaging 260 so can't be too critical.

"It's surreal to play Chris and then to take a point off of him. But it's a great feeling and a great confidence boost. I play more in England than overseas and this will give me a lot more confidence for future.

"I came here expecting to win and I've not come here to make the numbers up. I came here with one intention and that's been to win.

"If things had gone differently I could've had four points. Four points will secure me a semi-final place while three points will be borderline so it's all to play for tomorrow."

9.55pm It was proving to be a hugely impressive debut from Chamberlain. However, he could not get the victory as Barnes showed the spirit of a champion by constantly, relentlessly throwing the ball in exactly the right spot to get strike after strike.

Eventually, Chamberlain made a mistake as Barnes, despite averaging 250, claimed his first point of the competition to keep his hopes of winning the Masters again alive.

9.40pm The last match of the session was a must-win clash between Chris Barnes and Matt Chamberlain. Barnes, at 39, is 20 years older than Chamberlain but a defeat against the teenager would see the 2006 winner eliminated from the 2009 World Tenpin Masters.

Five strikes from the American at the start of the first game was a perfect start but three successive spares gave Chamberlain a slight opportunity.

But he took it perfectly as he ended with a flourish of five strikes himself to steal the game and the point by a two-pin margin.

9.23pm QUOTES - Jason Belmonte: "I'm happy to take a point but to be honest I outbowled him in the first game and he outbowled me in the second so we're happy to take a point off each other in that way. But I was quite fortunate in the first game. Three points from two matches is ok but four is a lock for the next round so I really wanted the extra point.

"You don't want to put yourself under pressure but it's now interesting as the group is bundled up together, especially if Chris Barnes gets a couple of points (against Matt Chamberlain."

9.15pm QUOTES - Wu Siu Hong: "I think for myself I bowled better than earlier but in the tenth frame I missed and made a bad shot and that's what lost me a point.

"I think I still have a chance of getting to the semi-finals but it depends on how they (Chris Barnes and Matt Chamberlain) bowl in the last match. 1-1 would be the best result for me from that match."

9.07pm It's another open frame from Wu and it comes at the worst possible time. Belmonte accepts the present gratefully and wins a point he could have easily have lost.

8.58pm Wu has an open frame in the seventh frame but it must be contagious as Belmonte then does exactly the same.

8.50pm Wu claims the first point of the match with Belmonte's spare in the second the difference. Wu wins the bowl-off 60-40 after it had ended 259-259.

8.40pm The third match of the evening session is between 2007 winner Jason Belmonte and debutant Wu Siu Hong. Both players had a spare in the second frame but Belmonte registered seven strikes with his next seven balls. However, Wu stayed in contention and when Belmonte only hit nine in the tenth gave Wu another chance. He hit five strikes at the end of the game as we had a ninth and tenth bowl off for the first time in the 2009 World Tenpin Masters.

8.23pm: QUOTES - Dom Barrett - "I'm really happy to be in the semi-finals but I will try and learn a bit more about the lane.

"Just because you're first seed or first through doesn't mean you have an advantage or the others are worse bowlers. It's like it's a new tournament when you get to the semi-finals but I'm pleased to be there and I will sleep easier tonight as I'm there.

"I'm very satisfied and I never thought I would be through as soon as possible. It was a dream start to this match, a bit different to my last match. Towards the end of the first game I was lucky he had a bad game so it gave me to time to fish about for the right line.

"I feel I'm bowling as good as ever and I'm making good decisions."

8.20pm: QUOTES - Paeng Nepomuceno - "I made one mistake and it was costly. I had a perfect eight frames until I made the mistake and that cost me the game.

"I have to win both of my games tomorrow but I will just take it one at a time."

8.15pm:  Nepomuceno starts the second game looking a different player with eight successive strikes. Barrett has a spare in the first frame but then finds his range with a series of strikes.

The decisive moment comes when Nepomuceno has an open frame in the ninth. Barrett is in fine form and ends with 11 successive strikes with his 290 total being the highest of the tournament so far.

Barrett becomes the first player to have won both matches and now has secured a place in the semi-finals.

7.52pm Barrett gets the first point thanks to a 213-165 scoreline. Nepomuceno's total is the lowest of the tournament so far by some distance, 17 less than Guy Caminsky's 182 against the same player earlier in the day.

7.37pm The second match of the session is between Paeng Nepomuceno and Dom Barrett but it's a terrible start for Filipino Nepomuceno. He makes only one strike in the first five frames and Barrett is heading towards an easy opening game victory.

7.18pm - QUOTES - GUY CAMINSKY - " It's a very different attitude to earlier today. It's just an honour to be here and I had to dig deep.

"It's a great bowling competition and you have to do the title justice. But earlier I felt like I'd let myself, the tournament and the people that had come to watch down.

"If I hadn't got a 2-0 then my tournament was over so after the first game I knew I had a lot to do.

"It was just one of those days for Osku and he just had a bad time but I promise he will be back tomorrow.

"My chances of reaching the semi-finals have gone from five per cent to 50 per cent but I still need results to go my way.

"But the bottom line is I still have a chance and in this format you can never rule anyone out. Maybe I was nervous defending my title but it feels good to be back."  

7.13pm - QUOTES - OSKU PALERMAA - "I felt comfortable going into the match but I don't know what happened with the lane breaking down for me. I tried to play on the same line as him but he never had the same problems.

"It's looks like I'm out of this tournament but I will try to win my last match 2-0 and maybe anything is possible but I need help from the others."

6.58pm Things got worse for Palermaa as he left a split in the next frame and two open frames in a row means Palermaa is in danger of an early exit. He was the captain in the 2008 Weber Cup and would have to beat Dom Barrett, a team-mate from that team competition, to stay in the tournament.

Caminsky, with the victory assured, dons a legendary moose hat from someone in the crowd and it works as he ends with a strike. Maybe he should keep the hat on in future!

6.56pm The door was open for Caminsky to win the second game after a horror ball from Palermaa in the fourth frame left four pins standing. The subsequent open frame was being punished by Caminsky, who claimed a turkey.

6.50pm Caminsky needed a performance and showed the spirit of a champion by recording eight straight strikes at the start of the first game. An open frame from Palermaa, along with three spares in a row, left the score at 268-213.

6.45pm Guy Caminsky is first up and the South African will be desperate for the two points after losing against Dom Barrett earlier in the day. Caminsky meets Osku Palermaa, who drew with Paeng Nepomuceno in his first match.

6.40pm Hello and welcome back. The players have had some food, are refreshed and ready for action. It's a massively important session for every single player. Anyone suffering a second defeat is likely to be heading out. 

This evening's matches

Saturday, April 18 - 6.30pm
Guy Caminsky v Osku Palermaa
Paeng Nepomuceno v Dom Barrett
Jason Belmonte v Wu Sui Hong
Chris Barnes v Matt Chamberlain

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