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Session three live blog

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Group 1: Guy Caminsky 1-1 Paeng Nepomuceno (300-231, 244-268)
Group 1: Osku Palermaa 0-2 Dom Barrett (220-259, 224-239)
Group 2: Jason Belmonte 1-1 Matt Chamberlain (238-254, 256-229)
Group 2: Chris Barnes 2-0 Wu Siu Hong (245-231, 258-219)

4.40pm: QUOTES - Chris Barnes:
"I've been three frames away from being eliminated by Matt but I've got through. But it doesn't get any easier as now I have Dom (Barrett) and he has been European number one and one of the best guys in the world so no rest for the weary.

"It's only two games but it takes a bit out of you but if there's anything going my way it's that I made seven out of the last ten shows on the PBA tour. So I've had a lot of matches when it came to specifice shots to make a show or make a game on television.

"It was strike or go home - either I threw that strike in the last frame or my tournament was over. I'm now bowling against the best European player so it's going to be a dog fight. I would assume I would need to shoot another 500 series to be competitive.

"I feel better now than I did after the first couple of rounds. I feel my ball can go through the pocket now and I'm matching up to what the lane wants.

"I like the new format. In the old format it was an awful long way to come for people to travel for only two games. I never went out in the first round but came close twice. This is a better balance as you have the chance to prove your skills and it's six games instead of two. I think it works as well as no one was guaranteed to be through or eliminated from the show going into their match."

Spares in the third and seventh frames make things tougher for Barnes. But, under immense pressure, Barnes shows why he is one of the best players in the world with five strikes in a row to scrape into the semi-finals by the skin of his teeth. Matt Chamberlain, who has been competing at the Masters for the first time, misses out on a final four spot by only 17 pins.

4.16pm: Wu is now eliminated after a split in the fourth frame leaves an open frame. It is now between Barnes and Chamberlain for the last semi-final spot. And Barnes is focused and up for the fight!

4.12pm: Barnes keeps his hopes alive by taking the first game 245-231. Wu now has little room for error, while Barnes needs to win the second game but score more than 241 in doing so. It's going to be tense, it's going to be dramatic!

4.00pm: The last match of the afternoon session was between Chris Barnes and Wu Siu Hong. Barnes needed to win 2-0 but score heavily, while Wu would get through 1-1 a high-scoring 1-1 draw. Anything else and it would have been Matt Chamberlain in the semi-finals.

3.47pm: QUOTES - Jason Belmonte: "I'm very relieved. I felt like I need to bowl really well to beat Matt. He has a lot of support here and he looks like a really easy going and the pressure doesn't get to him.

"In the first game he proved the much better bowler and I left a couple of corner pins and in the second I needed a couple of breaks.

"Matt threw another great game and I think we will be seeing him around the world in future. He has a great talent and, with the way he throws the ball under pressure, it will be cool to see what happens to him.

"I would love to play Guy Caminsky in the semi-finals and he is one of my good mates but I've never had a chance to play head-to-head. But if I play Dom I don't mind, everyone just has a target on their heads.

"My goal is to win but to get to the final match you have to get through the first round. After last year's performance it's nice to come back and not just bowl ok but bowl so well to get into the semi-finals."

3.32pm: QUOTES - Matt Chamberlain: " I played really well in the first game but struggled with the carry on the second. If I had thrown it a bit better and if it had came out cleaner then I could've knocked out the ten pins but I can't be too critical.

"I'm relying on a few results but it was always my intention to get to the semi-finals so hopefully it happens.

"It would be a great honour to be in the top four in a tournament like this with the amount of prize money up for grabs. I will be hopeful watching the last match but not nervous. I'm hoping for a low scoring draw between Chris Barnes and Wu Sui Hong to get through to the semi-final. 

3.24pm Belmonte claims a spot in the semi-finals as he registers eight strikes in a row to claim the second game 256-229.

3.12pm: Spares in the second and third from Belmonte in the opening game cost him as six successive strikes helped Chamberlain claim his third point of the competition with a 254-238 scoreline.

3.05pm: The third match of the second day was between 2007 winner Jason Belmonte and newcomer Matt Chamberlain. The Englishman had taken points off of Wu Siu Hong and Chris Barnes and would need to get something to stay in the tournament.

2.55pm: QUOTES - Dom Barrett: "I feel comfortable on the lane and my scores show that. But there are still some things that surprised me out there.

"I'm not overly confident going into the semi-finals and it's like a new tournament.

"All the four players will have deserved to be there but I think I can bowl some big scores."

2.50pm: QUOTES - Osku Palermaa:
"I needed 560 but that's just a number that you rarely shoot. I had four strikes in a row and missed and left a 2, 4, 8, 10 and it was over.

"Yesterday was just one of those days that just happen and you can't do anything about it. I was feeling good but something started going wrong and it was downhill all the way from there.

"Hopefully I will get a chance to be back and show what I can do. As always the audience was superb so thanks to them."

2.37pm: Barrett has not lost a game in this year's Tenpin Masters and he continued that run in his last group match. Scores of 259-220 and 239-224 complete a 2-0 victory, while it has been a miserable two days for Palermaa, who finishes bottom of Group 1.

2.22pm: Palermaa starts with four strikes but he has no room for error and an open frame in the fifth means his hopes of making the final four have ended.

2.10pm: Palermaa meets Dom Barrett in the second match of the afternoon. Barrett has already qualified and Palermaa will join him. All he has to do is win 2-0 with a combined total of more than 564. Good luck!

1.55pm: QUOTES - Guy Caminsky: "I have such mixed emotions. I needed two points but only got one so it's out of my control but I bowled a good score although it was so hard to to get yourself back together after bowling a 300.

"Paeng bowled a great match and it was a pleasure and honour to play him.

"The 300 is not a title but it's something you always want to do, especially on television. To bowl a perfect game at anytime is cool but to do it on the biggest stage makes it more special and it's something I will never forget.

"I think I was more nervous on the eighth frame as that secured me the point. But with the last three balls the pressure started mounting up and I really felt it.

"I felt it was meant to be. I had a lot of belief in myself but nerves are something you have to deal with in bowling.

"This weekend has been the biggest rollercoaster I could imagine. I was at the lowest ebb after my first match, so proud of myself to come back with a 2-0 over Osku and I'm elated at the 300. Now I'm hoping to get through, depending on what Osku does.

"Whatever happens I've gave it 110 per cent and you can't ask for anything more than that."

1.50pm: QUOTES - Paeng Nepomuceno: "I think I bowled well except I didn't get the breaks in the first game. Unfortunately Guy just bowled perfectly and my hats off to him but how can you beat someone who does that?

"I was wishing I could duplicate this in the second game and I started off well but I got a bad break in the ninth game even though I thought it was a good shot.

"But I've enjoyed playing in this tournament and I look forward to playing in these types of tournaments. The World Tenpin Masters has always been one of my favourite tournaments to play in.

"I like the one-lane atmosphere and the pressure you get when you bowl - there's nothing like it. This is unique and brings out the best in you."

1.37pm: Caminsky, overwhelmed by emotion, finds it difficult to repeat the success in the second game as he starts with a spare. Nepomuceno records eight successive strikes and that helps earn him his second point of the tournament but it is not enough and he is eliminated.

Caminsky is almost in the semi-finals and only an inspirational performance from Osku Palermaa in his match against Dom Barrett can deny Caminsky.

1.22pm: HE'S DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caminsky produces a perfect 300 game to spark incredible scenes here at the Barnsley Metrodome.

Caminksy becomes only the second man in the 12-year history of the World Tenpin Masters.

The only other man was Jason Belmonte, who produced a 300 game in his first match against Shalin Zulkifli in the first round in 2005 at the Adwick Leisure Centre in Doncaster.

Caminsky continues his incredible start to the day with a faultless performance. He moves to 11 successive strikes. One more for the perfect 300 game!

1.15pm: A victory for Caminsky would see him through and eliminate Nepomuceno and Osky Palermaa. The South African makes a good start as he produces a series of strikes and looks to be heading for the first point.

1.10pm: The first match of the tournament was between defending champion Guy Caminsky and Filipino Paeng Nepomuceno. 

Sunday, April 19 - 1pm
Group 1 - Guy Caminsky v Paeng Nepomuceno
Group 1 - Osku Palermaa v Dom Barrett
Group 2 - Jason Belmonte v Matt Chamberlain
Group 2 - Chris Barnes v Wu Siu Hong

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