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Session one live blog

Each match consists of two separate games. The player who wins each game gets one point.

Group 1 - Guy Caminsky 0-2 Dom Barrett (226-236), (182-243)
Group 1 - Osku Palermaa 1-1 Paeng Nepomuceno (248-256), (267-196)
Group 2 - Jason Belmonte 2-0 Chris Barnes (268-227), 258-257
Group 2 - Wu Siu Hong 1-1 Matt Chamberlain (238-279), 276-228

4.44pm - QUOTES - Wu Siu Hong:
"This is my first time at the World Tenpin Masters so I was a bit nervous and I'm not used to this environment.

"But I bowled better in the second game and that's why I bowled 270. I'm really happy to be here, it's been my dream to play in this.

"Last year I was hoping to be here but now I am so hopefully I will try my best."

4.36pm - QUOTES - Matt Chamberlain: "I played well in the first game and had good ball shape but it was a shame about the tenth frame and I had thought it was a good one but not to be. I needed those two points as I've got two tough matches left.

"It would've been nice to get the 300 in the first game of my debut but it wasn't to be. In the second game I struggled, made a ball change in the last frame and that looked good.

"I'm quite a confident person so against Jason Belmonte and Chris Barnes I'm not going to just make up the numbers. I'm still trying to make the semi-finals and then the final."

4.24pm Four spares from Chamberlain in the second game proved costly as he ended on 228 but Wu showed his class with a series of tenth successive strikes saw him clinch the second game by 276-228. 

4.17pm - The last match of the opening session was between Wu Siu Hong and English teenager Matt Chamberlain, the only man who had to qualify for the event, which he did by winning the PTBC Masters.

Chamberlain, 19, enjoyed an incredible debut as he registered ten successive strikes and was eyeing up a potential perfect 300 game.

Unfortunately for the Englishman and his travelling fans, he left the ten-pin standing in the tenth frame but his score of 279 was still good enough to win the first game and claim a point as Wu Siu Hong could only make 238.

4.05pm - QUOTES -Jason Belmonte: "That meant a lot to me as I knew I had to bowl really good against Chris as he is the best bowler in the world.

"He threw some really good shots that should've been strikes but that's basically how you get through these matches. When you win a match like that it gives you good match practice and you think you've done it before so I can do it again.

"I was really happy, especially with that last shot. I had to strike to win and that's how you want to win - to throw a strike.

"I'm extremely determined to do well this year after losing in the first round last year. Everyone has a target on their head and I'm after that.

"After the first round last year I was very disappointed and very upset. I'd flown all this way for two games.

"But now I'm more aggressive and not letting anything get to me and am trying to beat my opponent in my head before I start.

"It was a 30-hour flight and it was an awful flight as I had 30 hours to think about it. The good thing is you learn from it and take something from it."

3.48pm - QUOTES -Chris Barnes: "I bowled ok but Jason is probably the most talented player in the world. The lanes aren't very difficult but with all the power and game he has I'm not surprised that 260 and 250 were the winning games.

"I'm going to have a sweep in my last two games to get into the semi-finals so I will be counting on some good fortune.

"If I win 2-0 twice I will still advance and get me where I want to go.

"I had a poor strategy against Jason as him and Osku tear the lane up really fast and I was running into where he was laying it down.

"I was pretty fortunate to get 257 but Jason bowled a much better game and deserved to win.

"I've got two tough bowlers left. Matt (Chamberlain) I'm not as familar with but after watching him bowl earlier I know I've got my hands full.

"Wu has been an international star for many years so I know I can't afford to lose a game. I will just have to put together four really good scores but it can be done."

3.33pm A quality encounter comes down to the final ball of the game. A strike from Belmonte would give him victory, nine would take us to a ninth and tenth frame shoot out, while eight hit would give Barnes victory. A delighted Belmonte strikes and screams out in delight as he secures two points. 

3.23pm A spare from Belmonte in the third frame of the second game gives Barnes a chance. The American records five strikes in a row but the ten-pin is left standing in the sixth frame.

3.15pm The third match sees the eagerly anticipated match between Jason Belmonte, the 2007 champion and Chris Barnes, who won the title in 2006.

A fired-up Belmonte, who suffered a shock first round exit last year, was in fine form in the first game as he scored 268, the highest single-game score of the day so far.

Barnes, the current PBA Bowler of the Year, was in contention until a disastrous ball in the tenth frame left four pins standing and Aussie Belmonte took the first point.

2.55pm - QUOTES - Osku Palermaa - "It was better than it could've been. But nobody in sport is happy with a draw.

"I won the game I didn't deserve to win but in the first game where I deserved to win I lost. After losing the first game it was crucial to win the second as it's only three matches and if you lose one 0-2 then it's not up to you anymore.

"The new format is better and the more games you play the better.

"Everytime I'm in a tournament I feel I've got a good chance to win the competition but nothing has been lost yet."

2.50pm - QUOTES - Paeng Nepomuceno - "I'm pretty happy with that. I know I lost my touch in the second game but I'm sure I will be better. I will give it my best tonight and let's see what happens.

2.42pm - An open frame in the eighth from Nepomuceno means both bowlers will get a point each. Palermaa converts his turkey into a six-bagger to end in style with 267, compared to Nepomuceno's 196.

2.35pm - Game two continues the theme of quality bowling. Nepomuceno again starts with a spare but soon finds his form with a turkey. But Palermaa, captain of the European Weber Cup team in 2008, claims turkeys of his own in the first three frames and then again later on in the match.

2.20pm - The second match is a case of new v old as Osku Palermaa of Finland takes on Filipino legend Paeng Nepomuceno. And what a quality encounter it is.

Nepomuceno, 52, spares in the 1st, 5th and 6th frames but five successive strikes proves decisive as Palermaa has a 7, spare in the 2nd before two spares in a row cost him.

Palermaa gets 248, a total which would have won both games in the first match of the day. However, it isn't good enough here as Nepomuceno registers 256.

2.02pm - QUOTES - Dom Barrett: "I'm pretty pleased with that. The lane changed a lot faster than expected but I felt like I stayed with it. We didn't expect the lane transition to change that fast but luckily I made the right decision to change my ball and keep myself in it.

"It's very important to start with a win and if you don't win your first match then you are under a lot of pressure. It's a completely different format to what it was before. Obviously you want to win every match and it was a great start.

"I'm just going to go through each match and the final is where everyone wants to be."

1.55pm - QUOTES - Guy Caminsky: "I'm obviously disappointed and I'm not very happy with that after all the hype and all the build-up but that's bowling. The lane changed and that spare cost me the first game but in the second I didn't know where to go.

"But the new format gives people a chance and now I have to be perfect. I have to go back and think about what I can do differently. I have Osku (Palermaa) next and I have to go 2-0 and that's not an easy task."

1.45pm - England's Dom Barrett completes the victory to leave his band of travelling fans 'The Domination Squad', all of whom are wearing matching Domination T-shirts, delighted.

1.43pm - The match is over as a contest as three successive open frames from South African Caminsky mean it is an unsuccessful start from the 2008 Champion.

1.35pm - A 4,6,7 split for Barrett results in his first open frame.

1.31pm - It gets worse for Cammo as a spare in the first leaves him trailing early in the second game.

1.29pm A strike, nine, spare sees Caminsky end his first game on 226. Barrett, sensing a point, can clinch it with a strike. He leaves one-pin standing but then wipes it out to get the first game on the board. It's a poor start for the defending champion.

1.26pm: Another spare from Caminsky in the ninth gives Barrett a chance to claim his first point. He stays in front but leaves the 3,6,9 and 10 pins standing with his first ball, although he mops them up with the second.
1.24pm: Both players spare the seventh frame.

1.20pm: The first mistake of the tournament comes from both players in the sixth frame. Caminsky leaves an open frame after leaving the three and six pins standing. An unforced error then sees Cammo miss the six-pin. Barrett can't take advantage as he comes up with a spare.

What a start to the competition! Four strikes from Caminsky and four from Barrett. The fans are going to be treated to some quality bowling over the next two days. Bowling will be the winner!

1.05pm: As always for the Tenpin Masters, we've got a big crowd at the Barnsley Metrodome. Master of Ceremonies introduces Guy Caminsky and Dom Barrett, referee Bernie White tells the players 'good luck and good bowling' and away we go.

12.58pm: The first session features four quality match-ups with defending champion Guy Caminksy starting us off with a match against England's Dom Barrett.

The matches are: Guy Caminsky v Dom Barrett, Osku Palermaa v Paeng Nepomuceno
Jason Belmonte v Chris Barnes, Wu Sui Hong v Matt Chamberlain.

12.55pm: Hello and welcome to the live blog from the 2009 World Tenpin Masters.

This year the format has been tweaked a bit so this is what will happen... instead of the customary 16 players competing in a straight knock out format, eight players compete in round robin play.

The players are in two groups of four with the top two in each group contesting the play-offs. It promises to be two days of drama and excitement with all the bowlers vying for the $20,000 top prize.

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