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Barrett delight at 'biggest win of my career'

DOM Barrett is the winner of the 2009 World Tenpin Masters.

Barrett, 23, became the first English winner since 2003 after thrashing Australian Jason Belmonte 503-424 in the final at the Barnsley Metrodome.

"It's unbelievable," said Barrett, who becomes only the second English bowler to win the prestigious event after Nikki Harvey did likewise in 2003.

"I won the Australian Open last week but to come here and win this is the best thing in the world and it's the biggest title of my career - something I will always treasure and always remember.

"Everything about the Tenpin Masters makes it so special - the arena, how it's put together on one lane and all the opponents are absolutely world class.

"The atmosphere here is so unique and as a player if you could pick one tournament to win then it would definitely be this one.

"You see the names that have won it so to see my name up alongside them is fantastic.

"I made some good decisions in the final at scored 279 in my first game and fortunately Jason Belmonte didn't do that well at the beginning. That made the second game easier but I couldn't be too complacent so I had to work hard to keep my emotions under control.

"That was really tough to do but I guess that's what champions are made of, knowing how to control your body, your heart rate and keep your mind on the task. I tried to stay in the present and it worked pretty well.

"I felt really comfortable from the start of the tournament and made some good decisions. I was riding the wave and everything just fell into place.

"To come undefeated through the group phase was great and it's not often you go 6-0 and then win the tournament but that's what happened.

"I'm really pleased with how I handled the situation and it was a really pleasing performance."

Defeated finalist Jason Belmonte, who had won the title himself in 2007, added: "I think what we saw was the way it should've gone.

"I keep doing it everytime. I think I can get smart but I'm not as smart as I think I am.

"I was trying to play a line and hope Dom would come into it but that line wasn't a good line to start with.

"There was a big injury to the scoreline and I felt after I threw that five split in the middle of the first game he gained a lot of momentum.

"He bowled well, he didn't have any lucky breaks and was the winner. He was definitely the best bowler here and that's what the bowlers want to see. You want to see the best player winning and Dom won."

Date posted: April 19, 2009

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